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I’m a licensed marriage and Family therapist in the state of Texas.  I work with individuals, couples and families. In addition, I work with athletes, and parents when appropriate, to enhance their mental wellbeing and sporting performance.
I love communication and it’s one of my primary strategies in working with clients to improve their relationships, how they interact with the world, and talk to, and about themselves.  I think self esteem and self worth play a key role in The enjoyment of life, and that a touch of humor has healing qualities.

Why Sports Counseling
Growing up a tried a few sports.  Basketball, track, tennis.  I wasn't particularly good.  But I found things that I was good at.  Early on it was swimming.  I swam for school and club, at district meets and state championships.  In my mid teens I found out about rowing and transitioned into the sport that made such a great impression that it got me through my teens and early adulthood trials with some focus and purpose, stability and passion.  We went to that national championships my first year.  In the following years I won multiple national championships, more state champonships, I rowed for school, club and state teams and competed in the world championship trials.  I also got an athletic scholarship to University where I earned my BA degree in psychology.  I made the PAC 10 all conference team and we won that championship every year.  We also made the finals of the NCAA championship each year.
 I was always very aware of the internal and external, intrinsic and extrinsic cues, and found an interest in sports psychology class.  Through study and experience, I know the impact that mental health and systemic circumstances can play on positive and negative aspects of sports as well as life. I know the value of staying the course, and letting go.   I think this gives me an edge with education and experiential qualities that you wont find many places. 
Now I watch my kids play sports and strive for them to have a great, and competitive experience, that inspires them to intensity and satisfaction. 
I still wish I could play tennis.

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