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Services I Offer

With You Every Step of the Way

Individual Therapy $80

A Happier, Healthier You

Looking for a happy, healthy you is a goal to be proud of.  Therapy is a personal experience that caters to you, your interests and your growth.  Being able to process your thoughts and feelings in an open honest  space is something I strive for.  Expect some challenge, some humor and to be accepted without judgement.  Issues I work well with are people looking to find themselves, people feeling lost or numb or anxious.  Sports counseling is a passion of mine and I really enjoying working people ready to evaluate themselves and excel.  I also specialize in mood disorders.

Family Therapy $100

Healthy interactions

Couples Therapy $80

Communicate, heal, strengthen

Sports Counseling $80


All sports have coaches. Some even have specific position coaches and fitness trainers as well.  Managing thoughts and emotions is a very important is sports and life.  Managing goals, expectations and performance anxiety is something that can enhance any experience and performance.  It doesn’t have to be going badly, but sports counseling can help you excel.  Learning to make the most out of people around you including coaches and parents, or other team mates can easily be implemented in evaluating communication and perception. Try it out.

Sports counseling package $500


See “specialties page” for specific program.  This package is designed to help your athlete excel, and for you to help support them.  It covers the basic mental and emotional skills required to excel. We can always dig deeper! Good experiences with sport can promote confidence, self esteem, teamwork and other life skills. Bad experiences can produce anxiety and loss of self in adults when they move past their identity being being an athlete.  This is where coaches and parent come in, and why I also offer the parent-athlete session.